Computer Repair

Remote Computer Repair – Rather than having to physically take your computer to our Dexter computer shop; many computer problems can be fixed over the internet saving you time and money. Please call 734-424-2940 to schedule your appointment.

Hourly Rates: $70.00/hour (minimum 1/2 hour)

Home and Business Computer Repair – We offer on-site computer repair services in Dexter and the surrounding area. Please call 734-424-2940 to schedule your appointment and one of our friendly and professional computer repair technicians will meet you at your home or business.

Hourly Rates: $90.00/hour (minimum 1 hour)

In-House Computer Repair – Most repair services are flat rates. Not all computer repair services are listed below so please call and talk to one of our friendly technicians if you have any questions. Free local pickup and delivery.

 Virus Removal  $70.00
 Computer Hardware Diagnostics  $50.00
 Operating System Reload  $105.00
 Data Backup or Transfer  $85.00
 Software Support  $35.00
 PC Tune up / Speed up  $85.00
 Desktop Hardware Replacement  $35.00 (parts required)
 Laptop Mainboard Replacement  $105.00 (parts required)
 Laptop Screen Replacement  $70.00 (parts required)