Data Backup

Data Backup – The most effective way to prevent data loss is a solid data back-up procedure.  Critical data should be backed-up at least once daily or possibly even more often for very active file systems.  The Data Backup frequency will depend upon the rate at which the protected data is modified or updated.

We know that your data is important to you.  A Data Backup plan is inexpensive and should be part of every basic system configuration.

Hardware Redundancy is essential if your data is extremely valuable or irreplaceable.  Our technicians can explain in detail all of the various ways to safeguard your data, from redundant hard drives to daily back-ups, on and off-site.We also offer data transfer to an external hard drive, USB drive or other Digital Media.   We can also migrate your data to a different computer if you would like.


We have partnered with Gillware Data Services and Carbonite to offer off-site remote backup. Please call for data packages. 734-424-2940

Carbonite offsite backup